Extrdnry Solo Clothing


In 2012, designing was just a hobby. 
Inspired by the wild Tumblr blogs and the more chaotic world around her, she wanted to do more.

She browsed through a list of adjectives. 

ex·traor·di·nary- adjective [ ik-ˈstrȯr-də-ner-ē]:

  1. beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established: extraordinary costs.
  2. exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree, etc.; noteworthy; remarkable: extraordinary speed; an extraordinary man.
  3. (of an official, employee, etc.) outside of or additional to the ordinary staff; having a special, often temporary task or responsibility: minister extraordinary and plenipotentiary. Dictionary.com

“Extraordinary” was the perfect adjective to describe what she strived to be but the word itself was too long to be a Twitter user name, so she knocked out all of the vowels except for the “E”.
EXTRDNRY was born.

In September 2012 she designed her first shirt on her own.
She contemplated on a name and the word “extraordinary” came to mind once again.
But that was wasn’t enough.
A word to describe her unaccompanied designs.

Unhappy with the product of her first design; she decided not to share it with the world.
Disappointed, she took a break from design.
But that was just the beginning.

In January 2014 the vision was restored.
It was only right to give it another try.
Influenced by street wear and elements of the world,
EXTRDNRY SOLO was revived.

“ I want to encourage people to venture, get inspired and of course, be EXTRDNRY SOLO.” – Cristina Wright, Founder